“George Enescu” National University of Arts, Iași

The “George Enescu” National University of Arts is known thanks to the professionals it educates in three different artistic domains: Music, Theatre and Visual Arts. The Theater Faculty’s mission is to offer to the graduates of the two majors – Performing Arts (Acting, The Art of Puppetry and Marionettes, Directing, Choreography) and Theatre Studies – Theatre Journalism – study programs based on interdisciplinary research, favoring students to reach professional competency in theatrical creation. While it includes all three education levels – Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degree – the Theater Faculty gets involved in the life of the community and establishes connections with the international environment through partnerships and research projects.


The performance


Title: Hamlet it be

Author: William Shakespeare and Aldo Nicolaj

Language: Romanian


Directed by: Octavian Jighirgiu

Cast: Ana Baroi, Ana Boatcă, Andrei Butnaru, Marian Chiculiță, Ioana Dobrea, Florin Gardan, Răzvan Grosu, Mălina Lazăr, Mara Lucaci, Mădălina Mantu, Nicolae Racoviță, Ștefania Sandu, Ciprian Ungureanu, Mihai Vodă, Claudiu Vrabie

Set design: Alina Dincă-Pușcașu

Choreography: Alice Șfaițer

Technicians: Andreea Darie, Emilian Andrei


Running time: 90 minutes


When Hamlet takes some time off from “Hamlet” anarchy takes over in Elsinore. The Iași students’ performance presents an inter-textual approach to the famous drama, by mixing key fragments from the original text with the perspective offered by Aldo Nicolaj in his “Hamlet in Spicy Sauce”. The oscillation between the two worlds, that of the Shakespearian characters and the noisy kitchen staff, is a good occasion to bring up the inherent problems of the scenic process. In fact, “Hamlet it be” is the obstacle race of a class of student-actors desperately trying to face a crisis other than that imagined by Shakespeare: the actors’ conflict beyond the characters. Is it theater, is it real life? This is the question! We search for the answer in a tightrope walk type exercise, on the line separating the two, while this line grows thinner before our very eyes.