National University of Theater and Film “I.L. Caragiale”

The Theater School sets out to prepare highly trained professionals, theater artists capable of constant development. Our programs reflect our interest for the classical theater values and for the interdisciplinary approach, specific to contemporary art.

Students are encouraged to carry out group research, experiment with different work formulas and learn to perceive the theater performance as a social phenomenon that holds a transformational role in our contemporary world.

The Performance

Title: The Government Inspector

Author: Nikolai Vasilievici Gogol

Language: Romanian


Director: Slava Sambriș


Anton Antonovici Skvoznik-Dmuhanovski – Matei Arvunescu
Anna Andreevna, his wife – Adriana Aldea
Maria Antonovna, his daughter – Minodora Broscoi
Luka Lukici Hlopov, school inspector – Vlad Brumaru
His wife – Andra Meda Topîrceanu
Amos Fiodorovici Liapkin-Tiapkin, the judge – Radu Chirev
His wife – Nicole Burlacu
Artemii Filipovici Zemlianika, the hospital director – Dan Coza
Ivan Cuzmici Șpekin, the post master – Iulian Burciu
Piotr Ivanovici Dobcinski, landowner – David Drugaru, Alex Mirea
Piotr Ivanovici Bobcinski, landowner – Alin Potop
Their wives – Corina and Mirabela Butnaru
Ivan Alexandrovici Hlestakov, a clerk from Petersburg – Alex Popa
Osip, his servant – Cătălin Nicolau
Stepan Ilici – Alex Moldovan
Avdotia, the housekeeper – Andra Meda Topîrceanu
Rats – Alex Moldovan, Iulian Burciu


Set design: Alexandra Constantin and Szőke Dalma Zsuzsanna

Music: Adrian Piciorea

Technicians: George Năstase (lights), Adrian Babei (lights), Florin Aioane (sound)


Running time: 2h 40 minute


“There is no corruption in Romania, bribery is just a culturally different manner of thanking someone.”

The performance depicts the socio-political and religious situation, placed in contemporary Romania, in a universe where superstitions come to life, examining an extremely actual theme of today – bureaucracy and corruption – a situation where mediocre characters have settled into leading positions. Rich provincials, mediocre, important in their world, taking hypocrisy, duality and cowardness to the extreme, which makes them ridiculous and absurd to a grotesque level.

The performance

Title: The Seagull

Author: a text after A.P. Cehov

Language: Romanian


Directed by: Tania Filip


Irina Nikolaevna Arkadina: Alexandra Colci/ Anca Munteanu

Konstantin Gavrilovici Treplev: Stefan Mihai

Piotr Nikolaevici Sorin: Alexandru Făiniși

Nina Mihailovna Zarecinaia: Alexandra Tofan/ Marina Fluerasu

Ilia Afanasievici Șamraev: Gabriel Vatavu

Polina Andreevna: Nicoleta Moscalenco

Mașa: Marina Fluerașu/ Minodora Broscoi/ Marina Palii

Boris Alexeevici Trigorin: Matei Arvunescu

Evgheni Sergheevici Dorn: Radu Chirev

Semion Semionovici Medvedenko: Alin Potop/ Andrei Bibire


Set design: Mădălina Sandu, Mădălina Niculae

Light design: Teatrul Mic

Sound design: Teatrul Mic


Running time: 120 minutes


Written by A.P. Cehov in 1896, The Seagull is one of the most performed plays from Cehov’s repertoire. The 1898 Stanislavsky production, at the Moscow Arts Theater was “one of the largest events in the history of Russian theater and a very important step in the evolution of world theater history”.

“The Seagull”, directed by prof. univ. dr. Tania Filip, produced in partnership with the Acting Masters students of the National University of Theater and Film “I.L. Caragiale”, offers a different point of view on that need for understanding and closeness between humans, on that absence of the artistic genius, but most of all on a life always in search of meaning which artists everywhere face. The characters thus each must confront the absence of love, or that of a much-wanted successful career, finally culminating with the absence of that ideal and authentic happiness.