Sibiu “Lucian Blaga” University

The Sibiu “Lucian Blaga” University is one of the oldest universities in Romania, with a tradition that spans over more than 225 years.

With the Theatre Art Department, the Sibiu „Lucian Blaga” University has become a stable partner of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, the Radu Stanca National Theatre in Sibiu and the Sibiu Performing Arts Market. As a natural consequence of this collaboration, the Theatre Art Department was appraised as the best theatre school in Romania, after a national evaluation.

The three specializations of the Theatre Art Department (Acting, Choreography and Theatre studies – Cultural Management) hold a very important position in the academic community in Sibiu, the fundamental principle behind didactic and artistic activities being the direct interaction between students, under the teachers’ guidance. The departments art projects are presented to the local and international audience in the Theatre Studio of the Center for Advanced Research in Performing Arts.


The performance


Title: Love Stories

Author: Joël Pommerat

Language: Romanian


Directed by: Marius Gâlea, Diana Fufezan, Adrian Neacșu

Cast: Elena Băloi, Cezara Crețu, Eduard Hirizoiu, Alis Pelle, Francesca Pop, Alex Popa, Andreea Preda, Darius Prodan, Oana Vlad

Technicians: Dorin-Alexandru Părău


Running time: 105 minutes


Based on “The Reunification of the Two Koreas” by Joël Pommerat, “Love Stories” is made up of fourteen short stories depicting in a tragi-comical manner, different life situations, with love or the absence thereof as a main theme, with the required inventory of feelings and emotions, interior and exterior conflicts. The 3rd year Acting Students in the Theatre Arts Department of the Faculty of Literature and Art within the Sibiu “Lucian Blaga” University, create complex, unpredictable characters, often going towards the burlesque. With its black humor, the show lifts the spirit while also urging towards an examination of relationships.