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The Faculty of Arts has the mission to bread highly trained professionals, with excellent technical and executional skills, capable to unfold artistic, creation and research activities, practical interpretation of roles within performances, on and off-stage recitals, the development and production of artistic or documentary films and different TV program formats, in their respective fields of specialization. To this extent, the Faculty of Arts focuses on creating a study climate that is favorable to discovery and – with its creation workshops – puts the student in the center of any educational process.


The performance


Title: Blithe Spirit

Author: Noel Coward

Language: Romanian


Directed by: Constantin Florescu and Maia Morgenstern

Cast: Eduard Buhăescu, Iulian Babulea, Ioana Cînduleț, Maria Costeschi, Maria Grosu, Miruna Andreea Icleanu, Cristina Munteanu

Set design: Liviu Alecu

Music: Mihai Balabaș și Marina Pîngulescu

Technicians: Liviu Alecu, Ilie Alexandru Tudor, Bogan Niță


Running time: 1h 45 minutes


Charles, a writer and his wife Ruth organize a séance. During this séance, Charles receives a visitor from beyond the grave: the ghost of his ex-wife, dead for 7 years, comes back to clarigy their conjugal relationship. It so happens that a ménage à trois develops: Charles, Ruth and Elvira, the spirit of his ex-wife, each trying to define their role in this relationship.