„Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați

“Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați is the most important higher education institution in South-Eastern Romania, with more than 14 schools.

Founded in 2003, the Faculty of Arts has three Bachelor study-programs and one musical theater Master’s program. The Theater, Music and Plastic Arts Department coordinates the didactic, cultural-artistic and research activities of 22 teachers and 150 students, who have access to classrooms and discussion halls, 4 painting studios, a 200 seat performance hall, two studios for the development of internal productions by acting students and a musical production studio.


The performance


Title: Clown(s) Wanted

Author: Study after Matei Vişniec

Language: Romanian


Directed by: Lector univ.dr. Adelaida Zamfira (Costache)

Cast: Eduard Nanu, Andrei Călina, Silviu Dobre, Mihai Păun

Choreography: Elena Anghel

Technicians: Andrei Ardeleanu

Photographer: Cornel Gingăraşu


Running time: 1h 05 minutes


Inspired by an improvisation exercise themed “the clown inside me”, the third year acting students in professor Adelaida Zamfira’s class have performed a study after the play “Clown Wanted” by Matei Vişniec, centered around the subject of  manipulation within a closed system, which leads to the destruction of human relationships. 3 young clowns meet again in a waiting room, thanks to a hiring announcement. The door they knock on is a gate into the unknown. “Are you talented? Do you have a sense of humor? Were you the class clown? Join us! This is the right place for you!”