Târgu Mureș University of Arts

Professionalism, openness, communication, tradition, contemporariness, desire of fulfillment through theatre, actuality, everything for theatre, everything through theatre. The Târgu Mureș University of Arts is one of the schools which bears a longstanding tradition. Over time, it has become the ideal place for any potential student wanting to be part of the theatre world: acting, direction, set-design, choreography, theatre studies, theatrical animation, music studies, dramatic writing – all of these are here, at the Târgu Mureș University of Arts.


The Performance


Title: Coming of stAge

Author: Peca Ștefan

Language: Romanian


Directed by: Radu Apostol

Director’s assistant: Cristian Bojan

Cast: Dragoș Florea, Carmen Ghiurco, Loredana Druhora, Edina Soós, Andreea Drăgan

Set design: Gabi Albu

Tehnicians: Szasz Endre – lights

Kovacs Attila – lights

Incze Robert – sound

Laszlo Joszef – props

Rus Alexe – machinist

Birta Laszlo – machinist

Nagy Laszlo – machinist

Szakacs Emoke – Make up


Running time: 1h 40 minutes


COMING of stAGE, a performance about the debut “on the holy board holy of the holy year 20 , 18”.

The night before their graduation performance, a group of Acting Master’s students have one last clandestine general rehearsal, after a disastrous viewing with their teachers. The play they’re rehearsing – Dakota by Peter H. Sanchez – is a blunt contemporary American text, filled with challenges and issues for the young actors Dede, Carmen, Edina, Lore and Dragoș. Coarse language, travesty roles, contre-emploi, or absolute employ, sign language and the portrayal of a disabled person, acting in a non-native language, typecasting are just a few of the obstacles the future fresh-graduates must overcome in this last evening. Beyond all the fears and frustrations they need to overcome, remains the great question about their entering into a new stage of their careers and lives: what am I supposed to do after tomorrow?