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The performance

Title: Victor or Power to the Children

Author: Roger Vitrac

Language: German


Director: Elma Esrig

Cast: Victor – Tom Wolf-Pflug

Charles Paumelle – Andreas Schlegel

Emilie Paumelle – Ronja Seyfried

Therese Magneau – Ivy Lißack

Antoine Magneau – Gareth McGregor

Esther Magneau – Julia Stiegler

Ida Mortemar – Sarah Plattner

The General – Edina Ladstätter

Lilli – Anna Seidl

Set designer: Elma Esrig

Technicians: Luka Radovic, Michal Sykora


Running time: 2 hours


On the day of his 9th birthday and therefore on the threshold of disembarking from childhood, Victor breaks away from his previous, expectationally adherent behavior and destroys the hypocritical life of his parents Charles and Emilie Paumelle.

Inspired by an undefined, inexplicable rage, Victor not only exposes his father’s relationship with his long-standing friend Antoine’s wife, Thérèse along with his sexual assault on the housemaid Lili but goes on to unmask his mother’s hysterical repression and the General’s brazenly stupid militarism. No one, not even the mysterious Ida Mortemar, bursting into the party just as unexpectedly as uninvited, not the deceived Antoine with his heart-wrenching insanity born of pain and not even the maid Lili or Esther, Victor’s six-year-old friend, escape his destructive rage