The Academy of Music, Theater and Plastic Arts

The Academy of Music, Theater and Plastic Arts is the only state institution for higher artistic education in the Republic of Moldova. The Academy’s mission is the advanced professional training of qualified specialists, with superior education in the domains of music, theater art, choreography, multimedia, plastic and decorative arts, design and culturology, and to educate future art and culture teachers. An international artistic activity, unique for the students and young generation in Moldova, organized by the Academy of Music, Theater and Plastic Arts is the International Theater and Film Schools Festival “ClassFest”, an important event in the national theater and film scene, which promotes the values of contemporary art, develops intercultural dialogue and the exchange of experience between local and international theater and film schools.


The performance


Title: Contrasts

Author: Irina Donici

Language: non-verbal


Directed by: Daniel Suruceanu, Ana Calaraș

Cast: Dionisie Tuceacov, Artur Sturza, Daniel Suruceanu, Irina Donici, Ana Calaraș, Alina Banu

Set design: Artur Sturza

Choreography: Eugen Farguțu

Technicians: Constantin Gajim – sound, Eugen Savciuc – lights


Running time: 50 minutes


“Nature is made up of contrasts: every light has its shadow…” Victor Hugo.

“Contrasts…”- a metamorphosis of enigmatic emotions, still to be discovered…

A type of directorial storytelling, of revealing the WORLD from the inside out, through a spectacular and complex ritual inspired by Slavic- Balkanic cultures. This performance deciphers views, intersections and spiritual interferences into today’s WORLD.