The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava

The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava is the oldest educational institution in Slovakia specialized in training students in performing arts and artistic creation as well as arts management and production.

The Theatre Faculty independently and freely enhances the development of educational, artistic and scientific activities and creates favorable conditions for artistic creation. The school cooperates with art schools, and cultural and social institutions in Slovakia and abroad. Its graduates are among the leading theatre artists at home and abroad


The performance


Title: A Behanding in Spokane

Author: Martin McDonagh

Language: Slovak


Director: Juraj Hanulik

Cast: Michal Spielmann, Peter Ondrejicka, Brona Kovacikova, Matus Beniak

Set designer: Karin Molnarova, Anna Revicka

Technician: Igor Ilit


Duration: 105 minutes


A black comedy set in the USA describes the bizarre story of Carmichael who has been looking for his left hand for many years. His life changes after visiting an odd hotel where his fate connects with abandoned “receptionist” Mervyn and a young couple of frauds. Do not be fooled by the expectation of a conventional comedy about frauds who compete with each other. Scenes of violence and pointless cruelty are the result of sadness and isolation of the characters caused by a loss. And not just the loss of the hand…